A collection of somewhat random thoughts.

Photo of the Month April 2022

Huzza, it's the second month of my attempt to publish a photo of the month. This month I was very excited the entire month since the photo for this month is one I love. It's shot in black and white, with an amazing film, ADOX CMS 20 II with the Nikon F4 with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. I love how much detail the film can capture. Any grain is from the digital camera rather than the film. Read more →

Stand Development

Let's talk about something different today, photography! Or, more precisely, developing black and white film. I found that when I started, I didn't quite find a source that gave me the starting point I needed. That's not to say that there aren't great resources out there, but it felt like I had to piece things together from many sources, blogs, videos, word of mouth, reports from my crow spies, and match them to what I did and needed. Read more →

Photo of the Month March 2022

Good news everyone, or bad news if you don't like photography, I have been taking quite a few photos over the last year and a bit, some good, many bad. It is pretty easy for me to take, develop, scan, and archive my photos, it's a process, and I'm pretty good at following procedures. Sharing my work, not so much. None of the shots are perfect or “good enough” for the (perhaps much too high) standard I hold myself to, so I tend to take them, file them away and move on. Read more →