A collection of somewhat random thoughts.

Photo of the Month May 2022

Okay another month passed so I got another Photo Of The Month, and only 3 month in I'm already going to cheat and share two photos. So much for consistency. But hear me out, only one of them is the Photo Of The Month. We'll talk a bit about why. Let’s start with my favorite photo of May, which ironically is not going to be the Photo Of The Month. The following photo came to be because I pulled ADOX CMS 20 II by a stop during development. Read more →

Photo of the Month April 2022

Huzza, it's the second month of my attempt to publish a photo of the month. This month I was very excited the entire month since the photo for this month is one I love. It's shot in black and white, with an amazing film, ADOX CMS 20 II with the Nikon F4 with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. I love how much detail the film can capture. Any grain is from the digital camera rather than the film. Read more →

Photo of the Month March 2022

Good news everyone, or bad news if you don't like photography, I have been taking quite a few photos over the last year and a bit, some good, many bad. It is pretty easy for me to take, develop, scan, and archive my photos, it's a process, and I'm pretty good at following procedures. Sharing my work, not so much. None of the shots are perfect or “good enough” for the (perhaps much too high) standard I hold myself to, so I tend to take them, file them away and move on. Read more →