A collection of somewhat random thoughts.

Postmortem of a interesting bug

Symptoms After a full network outage in a larger system (7 FiFo instances and, a few dozen of hypervisors, VM's in the 3 digit number) a small percentage of the VM's stored in FiFo lost information which package was assigned to them and which organization they belong to. Technical background As part of planned maintenance on the switching layer the entire network was taken down. Effectively cutting the communication between any two systems in the network. Read more →

Post-mortem of a failed support case.

Every now and then I check the link reports for Project FiFo to see what people think and write about it. Recently I stumbled about an article that oddly enough made me both proud and sad. It actually was a rather negative one, which is a shame, but on the other hand a project isn't mature until people care enough to complain. Yet even so it would be very easy to cast this aside as a ‘success’ in a strange manner, it still bothers me that someone is upset enough with FiFo to spend his time writing a longish blog article and write their own management software. Read more →

Backups with Project FiFo

With 0.4.3 FiFo introduces support for LeoFS and this allows for some quite nice new features. Most importantly it decouples FiFo's operations from storing big amounts of data which makes maintaining either of this much more sensible and scaling storage much more easy. Then again while nice that is not the important part, just storing datasets somewhere else does not make much of a difference for most users but what LoeFS allows FiFo to store much more data then would be good in the old setup. Read more →

Happy birthday Project FiFo

Some might know it, some might not and some might not care but for what it's worth I'm the author of Project-FiFo (or most of it) and today is Project-FiFo's first birthday (since the domain registration) and I want to take this chance to look back to the past year and reflect, say thank you to all of you and take a look in the future. When I started Project FiFo a year ago it was more of a tiny hobby project and I could have sworn it would stand in row with all the other little open source projects no one would ever give a damn about. Read more →