A collection of somewhat random thoughts.

Erlang and more DTrace

Some nice additions to the little Erlang DTrace demo. For once I've added a filed to input custom scripts which are run on the server which is pretty neat since it allows running all kind of (l)quantize based scripts from the server and get a nice heatmap. Like how about the heatmap of how Erlang function call times? The script used (also included in the repository): erlang*:::global-function-entry { self->funcall_entry_ts[copyinstr(arg1)] = vtimestamp; } erlang*:::function-return { @time[copyinstr(arg1)] = lquantize((vtimestamp - self->funcall_entry_ts[copyinstr(arg1)] ) / 1000, 0, 63, 2); } Now that is already cool but there is more, in addition to there is a page now that allows to show list based queries (as count or sum) so for example it would be very easy to get a profiling of an Erlang program like this: Read more →

Erlang and DTrace

As part of Project FiFo I've invested some time to research into DTrace and Erlang, not the probes that are there since some time but a DTrace consumer - letting you execute DTrace scripts from within Erlang and read the results. The result of this research is the erltrace a consumer for DTrace implemented as a Erlang NIF. The NIF is based on the node.js and and python implementations - many thanks to them! Read more →

A new start

Now it has been a while, it's surprisingly hard to find a decent way to blog in the end I landed with Octopress. Lets see how that turns out, so far after a slightly bumpy bumpy start it seems decent enough. Read more →