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Photo of the Month May 2022

Okay another month passed so I got another Photo Of The Month, and only 3 month in I'm already going to cheat and share two photos. So much for consistency. But hear me out, only one of them is the Photo Of The Month. We'll talk a bit about why.

Let’s start with my favorite photo of May, which ironically is not going to be the Photo Of The Month. The following photo came to be because I pulled ADOX CMS 20 II by a stop during development. Adox suggests shooting it at 12 ISO not 20 during sunny days, so I thought - lets shoot it with 20 and develop it as if it were 12. Turns out the results are cool. The photo looks heavy and has a strong dark mood to it.

A bright white building against a dark sky that is reflected in nearly pitch black water.

And while I find this looks incredible cool, and is technically interesting, it's not what I picked as a photo of the month. Instead, this gem is what I selected.

A wall with a window, trees and a house reflecting in it. There are blinds on top of each window half, one of them broken hanging down in a odd angle.

So why this image. Because the process of taking it was special to me. It was taken on a two or three hour walk as the only photo I took during the walk. I've been trying to be more deliberate with my photos, more conscious about what I shoot and instead of “snapping” everything that comes to mind, find a motive, understand it fully, and photograph it in a way I find right. The shot is taken on Fomo 100 with a 4x5 large format camera, so setting it up is a act, metering it is interesting and you got to pick careful because you won't see the results until you're home. It worked out, I really like the shot, it looks how I envisioned it so honestly, I'm very proud of that. There we go, that’s why it's the photo of the month.


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