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Photo of the Month March 2022

Good news everyone, or bad news if you don't like photography,

I have been taking quite a few photos over the last year and a bit, some good, many bad. It is pretty easy for me to take, develop, scan, and archive my photos, it's a process, and I'm pretty good at following procedures. Sharing my work, not so much. None of the shots are perfect or “good enough” for the (perhaps much too high) standard I hold myself to, so I tend to take them, file them away and move on.

I genuinely think, however, that that's not a very healthy thing to do when learning. So I figured, even if I'm not satisfied with the shit, each month, I'll pick one of the photos I took, the one I like the most, and share it, along with why I personally like it. If for no other reason, then go back in a year and look how my photography changed.

So here we go, March 2022. Shot on WASHI-A a super interesting 12 ISO (yap 12, not 120) black and white film. I like how much that looks like out of a dream. It's not focused correctly (shame on me), but that doesn't take away from it. The glow from the film makes it look a bit unreal. I would have preferred to pan a bit further to the left, capturing more of the shadows balancing the light on the right and dark on the left.

a man sitting on a bench


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