A collection of somewhat random thoughts.

Photo of the Month May 2022

Okay another month passed so I got another Photo Of The Month, and only 3 month in I'm already going to cheat and share two photos. So much for consistency. But hear me out, only one of them is the Photo Of The Month. We'll talk a bit about why. Let’s start with my favorite photo of May, which ironically is not going to be the Photo Of The Month. The following photo came to be because I pulled ADOX CMS 20 II by a stop during development. Read more →

Photo of the Month April 2022

Huzza, it's the second month of my attempt to publish a photo of the month. This month I was very excited the entire month since the photo for this month is one I love. It's shot in black and white, with an amazing film, ADOX CMS 20 II with the Nikon F4 with a 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. I love how much detail the film can capture. Any grain is from the digital camera rather than the film. Read more →

Stand Development

Let's talk about something different today, photography! Or, more precisely, developing black and white film. I found that when I started, I didn't quite find a source that gave me the starting point I needed. That's not to say that there aren't great resources out there, but it felt like I had to piece things together from many sources, blogs, videos, word of mouth, reports from my crow spies, and match them to what I did and needed. Read more →

Photo of the Month March 2022

Good news everyone, or bad news if you don't like photography, I have been taking quite a few photos over the last year and a bit, some good, many bad. It is pretty easy for me to take, develop, scan, and archive my photos, it's a process, and I'm pretty good at following procedures. Sharing my work, not so much. None of the shots are perfect or “good enough” for the (perhaps much too high) standard I hold myself to, so I tend to take them, file them away and move on. Read more →

Multithreaded rust on Threadripper

I recently ran some benchmarks on a Threadripper 3960X system and the results were surprising me quite a bit. Simplified, the throughput the benchmark recorded went down, from 341 MB/s on a MBP to 136 MB/s on a Threadripper desktop. Prior I had read Daniel Lemire's notes on the sub optimal performance for simdjson on Zen 2, which is heavily used in the benchmark, but the suggested drop were a few percent not half. Read more →

Dell XPS/Windows as a dev env

I've recently gotten a Dell XPS 15” 2-in-1 and started using it as a development environment for the last week. To be honest as a long term MacBook user I expected a rather disapointing experience but to my big surprise I do really like it so far. But enough of a preamble. Why I'm writing this? Because I figured that the mistakes I made, the hints I got all over the place would have really helped me if someone had collected them - so I do that now. Read more →

migrating to rebar3

A long journey from rebar2 to rebar3 Rebar 3 has recently started to surface out of alpha state and entered beta1, about time for the crazy people like me to abandon tried and tested tools to venture into the great vastness of the unknown! So with a backpack, hiking shoes, food for about a week and a direct line to the rebar3 IRC channel I set off to migrate sniffle from rebar2 to rebar3. Read more →

Postmortem of a interesting bug

Symptoms After a full network outage in a larger system (7 FiFo instances and, a few dozen of hypervisors, VM's in the 3 digit number) a small percentage of the VM's stored in FiFo lost information which package was assigned to them and which organization they belong to. Technical background As part of planned maintenance on the switching layer the entire network was taken down. Effectively cutting the communication between any two systems in the network. Read more →

Post-mortem of a failed support case.

Every now and then I check the link reports for Project FiFo to see what people think and write about it. Recently I stumbled about an article that oddly enough made me both proud and sad. It actually was a rather negative one, which is a shame, but on the other hand a project isn't mature until people care enough to complain. Yet even so it would be very easy to cast this aside as a ‘success’ in a strange manner, it still bothers me that someone is upset enough with FiFo to spend his time writing a longish blog article and write their own management software. Read more →

Backups with Project FiFo

With 0.4.3 FiFo introduces support for LeoFS and this allows for some quite nice new features. Most importantly it decouples FiFo's operations from storing big amounts of data which makes maintaining either of this much more sensible and scaling storage much more easy. Then again while nice that is not the important part, just storing datasets somewhere else does not make much of a difference for most users but what LoeFS allows FiFo to store much more data then would be good in the old setup. Read more →